[tut] How to make a HOLOcms Habbohotel [tut]


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    [tut] How to make a HOLOcms Habbohotel [tut] Empty [tut] How to make a HOLOcms Habbohotel [tut]

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    Hey i am just the co.owner of bradshammer but we soon gettin our cms

    ~ Colour Code -
    Red~ Only Download These Things First,
    Black~ Download Them When Told To.

    You Will Need The Following -

    1# HoloCMS
    2# WinRAR -
    3# MySQL ODBC Driver 5.1 -
    4# XAMPP -
    5# Microsoft Visual C# Express Edition -
    6# ADO.NET Entity Framework Beta 3 Patch -
    7# TortoiseSVN (for downloading Holograph Emulator C#) -

    We Are Now Going To Start ....

    1. Install TortoiseSVN first and restart your computer.
    2. Create a folder on your desktop called ''Holograph Emulator''.
    3. Right click on that map and click on SVN Checkout.
    4. Fill in the first field:

    5.Click on OK, you don't have to change the settings.
    6. Wait untill it's finished.
    7. Ok now you have Holograph Emulator, you can check anytime if there's an update for it by right-clicking on the map and choosing SVN Update.
    8. Install the MySQL ODBC Driver.
    9. Install XAMPP, don't install one of the three services while you're installing XAMPP.
    10. Open XAMPP Control Panel and start Apache and MySQL.

    ~ Make Sure Apache And MySQL Are Running ~

    11. Install Visual C# Express Edition, make sure it also installs .NET Framework 3.5 if you don't have it.
    12. Install the ADO.NET Entity Framework Beta 3 Patch.
    13. Go to http://localhost/ and select your language, make sure Apache and MySQL are running with XAMPP Control Panel all the time if you want your hotel to be accessable!

    14. Now go to http://localhost/security/xamppsecurity.php.
    15. Setup a password and don't change the settings again, just click on ''Change password''.
    16. Go to C:\xampp\htdocs\ and throw everything in that folder away.
    18. Install WinRAR.
    19. Open HoloCMS
    20. Click on the second big button in WinRAR from the left to unpack it.

    21.Copy everything in the .rar file to C:\xampp\htdocs\
    22. Replace everything in the .rar file to C:\xampp\htdocs\ (Not your dcr's of course if you have them :p)

    23. Go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin
    24. Open config.php with Notepad.

    25. Fill in the first field ''root'' without quotes and in the second field your password you've setup.
    26. Change it like this:

    $sqlhostname = "localhost";
    $sqlusername = "root";
    $sqlpassword = "YOUR PASSWORD";
    $sqldb = "holodb";

    Scroll Down And Change -

    $path = "YOUR IP, (For Yourself) Or Your Hamachi IP Adress Etc";

    Then Click The Save Button!.

    ~ Getting A Little Harder Now ~

    27. Now we must create a database, which we can create on the homepage of PHPMyAdmin.

    28. Ok, fill in ''holodb'' (without quotes) and click on that button on the right as in the screen
    29. Now you've created a database, click on it on the left-side in PHPMyAdmin.
    30. Click on import.

    31. Click on Browse.
    32. Select holodb in Holograph Emulator\Resources\db\holodb.txt.
    33. Don't touch any options, and click on Go right below.

    34. Go to Holograph Emulator\bin\debug\bin\mysql.ini
    35. Fill in your password you've used in XAMPP etc.:

    36. Then Click The Save Button!.

    37. Now go to http://localhost/ and you'll see a cool installer
    38. Go to http://localhost/upgrade.php. There comes a message which says you haven't deleted install.php and/or upgrade.php. Ignore it by clicking on: ''click here''. Then click on Update your SQL database (1x) and you're done.

    Now go to C:\xampp\htdocs\ again and finally delete upgrade.php and install.php.

    You Have Made Your Very Own HoloCMS Hotel !

    Need Help?

    Post Questions Below And i Will Reply Asap!

    Last Updated - 31st January 2009!

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    [tut] How to make a HOLOcms Habbohotel [tut] Empty [tut] How to make a HOLOcms Habbohotel [tut]

    Post  cooltrader on Thu Feb 05, 2009 11:43 am

    Good job Smile

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